Breathless at Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon

Hello World!

As you already might know, I’ve been on a tour to Uluru last year and while we were our there in the Australian Outback we obviously also saw the two other magnificent things around that area.

Both hikes are pretty impressive, but also exhausting, so don’t forget to bring more than enough water with you – and by that I don’t mean 1l but at least two – but that also depends a bit on when you’re going. I’ve been there in October and it was already pretty hot (30°C-ish) and definetly do the hikes in the morning, cause you won’t be able to see the stunning surrounding when you’re struggeling with death – just saying.


Kata Tjuta

During summer at least the Kings Canyon is often closed because it’s too dangerous. So before you go all the way to the middle of Australia, look up the weather first and see which season would be the best (early spring and late autumn is my recommendation – why not winter? During the day it’ll be really nice I guess, but keep in mind, it gets feaking cold during the night…).


Kings Canyon

There are different walks and hikes with both places, but I’ll suggest to do one of the longer ones to really see and feel the beauty. At Kata Tjuta (for people who still don’t know what I’m talking about, you might know it as “the Olgas”) I did a 8km hike, which was really not easy, espeacially cause our tourguide couldn’t wait to be back at the bus and we – more or less – had to run to keep up with him. But also if you’re not running, you should somehow be physically able to actually do that hike (or choose a shorter and easier one).


Kata Tjuta with my tourguide

Kings Canyon was even better and even more stunning. Here we did a 10km hike with was in total not as exhausting as Kata Tjuta, but the first bit almost kills you (super steep natural steps, if you know what I mean. And not only ten but easily over 500 – just my guess). We did this hike in the afternoon so it was boiling hot – and I really don’t wanna know how it’ll be 20°C warmer with 50°C, and that’s not exaggerated – and I drank all my 2l water and could’ve drank even more if possible.


Kings Canyon

So my conclusion?

-Definetly do both walks/ hikes, but keep in mind that you should have some… physical requirements

-check that you’re going at the right season at the right time (bestly not during midday!)

-bring enough water (and food)

-you won’t regret it, it’s so so beautiful!!!


Kata Tjuta from the campground

See you, Saskia xxx

P.S. Sorry that there are only so few pictures, but I did not take that many pictures there anyway cause I wanted to enjoy it (and I was already struggleing keeping up with the guide) and my external hard drive isn’t working lately and that’s where all the pictures are…

P.P.S. just a quick question: do you like this sort of blogpost, or is there something you missed or so? Let me know, so I can improve myself.


2 thoughts on “Breathless at Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon

  1. Looks so beautiful! And don’t worry there was totally enough photos 🙂 I definitely like this kind of posts. Good combination of information and your experiences. Now I just have to visit these myself someday in the future…

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