How to DO a roadtrip

Hello World!

Last time I told you how to organise a roadtrip“, so now it’s time to tell you guys about the next and kinda most important step: the roadtrip itself.

Your car is packed, your friends are ready and you can’t wait to go on an adenture? Perfect time to leave.

A roadtrip means that you’ll end up spending a lot of time in your car, so make sure you feel comfy.  Have a bottle of water near you and maybe also store the snackbox close by – just in case. And what I think is most important: put on some great song-along music and have fun!

A game I like to play on a roadtrip to skip some time is the “question”-game. It may sound weird, but it’s super simple and interesting cause you learn things about your travelbuddy you usually wouldn’t. One asks any question and the other one has to answer (honestly). Usually there is the rule, that you’re not allowed to ask the same question back, but we usually always ended up having a great conversation about each question/ answer (and as soon as the topic is dead, just ask the next question). At the beginning the question will still be pretty obvious, but with the time it’ll be harder to find questions, but in general they also get more interesting.

And then there comes the time when you actually get out the car and see something. Have a plan in advance but still stay flexible. I actually learned going into an information center and asking for the highlights in that area. Especially when you’re short on time they can help figuring out what attraction would be most worth it.

And remember, just cause you’re doing a roadtrip it doesn’t mean you cannot eat kinda healthy. Make a sandwich (with tomatoes, salad, etc) for lunch instead of eating more rubish. Cut some veggies for your pasta and eat many fruit inbetween meals. Oh, you don’t actually have to eat dinner at the campground, you know? So if you’re running late, just stop somewhere and build up you camping cooker, can be great fun.

About the running late… we always did, but try to get up early and do all your activities while it’s not about to be dark again (especially in Australia during winter, when it’s pitch black at half past 5), cause driving in the dar can be dangerous, seriously. You’ll go early to bed anyway, cause there’s nothing to do.

If you’re sleeping in a tent I would advice you to keep it closed by any time, just open it for going in or out. At least that’s how I make sure not to end up with any spiders or other unwelcome guests in my bed. Once I had a Huntsman Spider on the outside of my tent and I was more than happy, that there was no way it could have be INSINDE the tent.

I just realise it is kinda hard to say how to do a roadtrip, because it always depends on how you want to do things, what you want to do, where and when you are and many other things. I still hope I could help with some basics, and anyway the most important part is:

HAVE FUN! Don’t freak out, be open for new and unexpected situations and always keep an eye on the petrol-sign-thing.

Go on an adventure and let go. Figure out what’s working best for you and do it.

I’ve probably forgotten some things, so tell me: what is essential for you to do a roadtrip??

See you, Saskia xxx


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