From “going on holidays” to “traveling”

Hello World!

I either never realised it or I just never thought about it, but now I did and it’s stuck in my head so I need to tell you about it: traveling is not equal with holidays. At least not for me. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you.

As a kid, my Mum, brother and I went on many holidays, always in fancy, nice hotels somewhere warm and sunny. Why? My Mum work as a travelagent and… well… do I need to explain more?!

I admit, in those times I was still blind to the beauty of traveling and exploring a new place. No matter where, I’d always sit at or in the pool and enjoy not doing anything, while my family at least sat at the beach. And I bet they’d have seen more of every country if it wasn’t for me. Opps.

But still, those where holidays, they were SUPPOSED to be relaxing and calm. Of course you should maybe see more than the Hotelpool and Restaurant.

Nowadays I am travling the whole time… except when I am aupair-ing. Which means doing a roadtrip, seeing actively more than one place, discovering the area and testing your limits.

While you’re supposed to relax on holidays, you’re doing the exact opposite while traveling – at least I am. Each day happens something new, something exciting. Traveling can, no WILL change you, cause you grow with every experience. Your plans can change everyday, you can suddenly be broke, you’ll meet people from all over the world and you’ll learn to appreciate the little things.

I know that I always enjoyed going on holidays and staying at these great hotels and just literally doing nothing and being able to eat food all day. But right now I can’t picture myself going to a foreign country, paying hella lot money and then just “wasting” it by now discovering what’s around. I mean I am still good at doing nothing, but not when I only have a limited time to see whatever there is to see.

How about you:

– do you agree with my seperation of TRAVELING and HOLIDAYS?

– do you prefer traveling or going on holidays?

See you, Saskia xxx


4 thoughts on “From “going on holidays” to “traveling”

  1. I totally agree with you! Traveling is adventures and holidays are for relaxing. I maybe could say that I prefer traveling or at least as travel blogger people expect me to say that. However I think we need both. Adventuring around the world and seeing new places is amazing but sometimes you just need holiday with relaxing on beach and doing nothing. This was amazing post! 🙂

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